ADT monitored home security is there to help protect the things that matter to you 24 hours a day, seven days per week. While ADT monitoring keeps an eye out for you, it’s the equipment at home that allows you to connect with the lead monitored security provider in the nation.

No matter which ADT monitored package you choose, you’ll get industry-leading equipment that you can depend on to help protect your family and home.

Three entryway contact points


Anyone trying to pass through one of the three points of protection while your ADT monitored system is armed will be met with a high-decibel alarm. While you are at home and the system is unarmed, these sensors will make a sound to let you know someone has come through the door.

Wireless digital keypad


The digital keypad that comes with ADT monitored security system is the center module for all security settings in the home. From here, you can arm/disarm your system, reach out to the proper authorities (police and fire) for assistance, and adjust all settings.

Wireless Key Fob

Order Cell Uplink and above, and you’ll get a key fob that is capable of arming or disarming your security system from up to 75 feet away. This adds more convenience to setting your system the way you want it to be at any given time you are near the house.

Backup Battery

When the power goes out, it doesn’t mean that your security system has to as well. ADT’s backup battery feature will keep your security system up and running for up to 12 hours after the power has gone out.

Pet-Immune Motion Detector

Motion Detector

Using infrared technology, the motion detector provided to you gives even more monitored protection for a selected part of your home. When motion is detected when it shouldn’t be, the alarm will sound. With infrared technology at work, you won’t have to worry about your pets sounding the alarm.

Window Decal and Yard Sign


Studies have shown that burglars who are aware that a home is under a monitored security system will choose not to enter the home. Let your neighbors in North Carolina and potential criminals know that your home is being monitored by America’s number one name in home security.