ADT in Michigan

Bringing 24/7 Home Security to Michigan!

With around-the-clock video surveillance, seeing is believing

ADT knows just how helpful it would be for Michigan homeowners to be able to check in on their home, anytime, anywhere. That’s why ADT provides customers with mobile viewing access to potentially every room in their house! Even better? Your live and recorded video footage is secured 100% with data encryption—all thanks to ADT Pulse!

ADT Video Control for Michigan residents

Are you a parent? With home video access, use your television or another monitor to keep an eye on your home or family members at all times—especially sleeping babies—while working or resting in another room.

Remote video control

With ADT Pulse, real-time footage is available to you anytime, anywhere. You just need two things—a web-enabled device and an internet connection—to keep you informed of what’s happening at your home at all hours. You can even rewind and play back recorded clips on the go!

Video recording

We capture everything. ADT Advanced Direct Security’s cameras record up to 30 seconds of any triggered event and save the recording for up to 30 days.

This is a much-appreciated application for Michigan homeowners. You can program your ADT home monitoring system to send email or text alerts any time an alarm is triggered or suspicious activity is detected.

Motion detectors

Without prompting, your ADT monitoring system will begin recording the moment any suspicious activity begins, and you’ll get footage and immediate notification.

Join the millions of homeowners protected by ADT security monitoring!

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